How to complete the circularity self-assessment survey?

The Public Transport Circular Economy Self-Assessment comprises seven

building blocks, each containing 10 to 20 questions. A person with a good level of information in a thematic area should take between 15

and 20 minutes to complete one section thoroughly. Upon section completion, respondents are directed to the results page, which summarises the answers, an overall score, and an explanation of the rating based on low, moderate, and high ranks.

Who could or should respond to this survey?

It is recommended that an organisation complete all pertinent sections to ensure a thorough and holistic assessment of a company’s circularity status. To do so, the survey should be completed by two, three, or more respondents according to their specific expertise and responsibilities.

For instance, one person may answer on behalf of the vehicle operations team, whereas another could respond on behalf of the building management team.

Interested in using the circularity self-assessment in a workshop?

The Trolley: Motion team has developed a methodology and material to conduct an interactive 2-hour roundtable discussion with multiple stakeholders. If you are interested in carrying out a circularity workshop in your organisation, please contact us at

*When taking a Self Assessment you agree to our Data Protection Notice below.

Data Protection Notice

We take the protection of your personal information seriously. In compliance with the European GDPR, information will only be collected and processed to the extent necessary for the convenient usage of this tool. All responses will be stored on Trolley: Motion servers for five years after survey completion. Statistical analysis may be shared in public reports or events as aggregated data, ensuring anonymity and preventing the identification of individuals or entities. Data may also beprovided to third parties for scientific research in a form that guarantees anonymity. Any duplication, processing, modification, translation, distribution, or use beyond the scope of Austrian copyright law shall require Trolley: Motion written consent. For inquiries about your data or copyright, contact