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The Best Practice section on the CE4CE knowledge platform serves as a comprehensive resource for public transport stakeholders.This section showcases successful case studies and innovative solutions from various cities, providing practical examples and insights into effective circular economy practices. This collection of best practices is designed to inspire and guide public transport operators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in adopting and scaling circular economy solutions within their own contexts.

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Predictive maintenance for infrastructure digital optimization in Leipzig

Published on 2024-07-01

Resource: Software

Country: Germany

Competence Area: Infrastructure.Avoid., Infrastructure.Extend.

Within CE4CE project Leipzig Transport Company (LVB), together with Kruch Railway Innovations and ATB MOBILITY S.P.A (ATB), a public transport provider from Bergamo, Italy, are developing and implementing a systemic solution in order to introduce predictive maintenance to infrastructure in Leipzig, one of the fastest growing German cities and thus […]

A Digital Twin – a circular economy business tool for Public Transport planners and operators

Published on 2024-05-01


Country: Poland

Competence Area: Infrastructure.Extend.

Public transport as such in general significantly helps to lower emissions yet it is still resource- and waste-intensive in itself. One solution to reduce its ecological footprint is to develop and implement innovative circular economy business models. Such models provide valuable guidance for public transport planners and operators on how […]

Circularity Compass – an innovative Circular Economy Self-Assessment Tool for Public Transport

Published on 2024-04-05


Country: Europe

Competence Area: Enable

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