The CE4CE Competence Map

The Competence Map is a visual representation of the key competence areas that the CE4CE knowledge platform aims to enhance for the successful introduction and implementation of circular economy principles in public transport. Users will be able to search the platform using specific keywords to find the exact resources they need. Additionally, the project will offer various resources such as webinars, workshops, and training sessions to promote the integration of circular principles and thinking into the public transport sector.

Key topics covered include circular procurement in public transport, predictive maintenance for infrastructure and rolling stock, business models for infrastructure-sharing, and addressing regulatory challenges associated with using recuperated waste energy from trains. Insights from pilot projects conducted by the CE4CE partners will focus on big data analytics and AI as enablers of circularity in public transport, cooperation along lifecycle value chains to preserve the value of infrastructure and vehicles, assessing the value of circular solutions, and facilitating circular economy practices through information sharing.